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Join Our Fight

To Put An End To
Liberal Indoctrination

and stop critical race theory

Do you agree Oklahoma schools should focus on educating our children, not indoctrinating them with divisive political ideologies?

Help Us Save Our Children
and Our Schools

From the Radical Left’s Political Agenda

Now more than ever, we need policies that bring us together, not rip us apart. Taxpayer funds should NOT be used to define or divide young Oklahomans about their race or sex.

While we must teach empathy and how we can learn and grow as a state and nation, we must ensure Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its dangerous ideology do not take roots in our state/local standards or curriculum.

In May, Governor Stitt signed into law House Bill 1775, ensuring Oklahoma students will not be shamed, treated differently, or discriminated against based solely on their race or sex.

Our schools must instead focus on teaching to the Oklahoma Academic Standard and providing the highest quality education to every child in Oklahoma. Education in Oklahoma should reflect our fundamental values: freedom, equality, and the God-given potential of each individual.

We must keep teaching history and all its complexities and encourage honest and tough conversations about our past. Nothing in HB 1775 prevents or discourages those conversations.

What Can You Do To Help?

We need more conservative Oklahomans to stand up for what’s right before it’s too late. CRT doesn’t reflect our shared values of freedom, equality, and the God-given potential of each individual, regardless of their skin color. Sign the above petition TODAY to support Restore Oklahoma’s efforts to stop the teaching of CRT in Oklahoma public schools.